Volunteer At The Colorado House Rabbit Society

YAY! We are so glad you are thinking about volunteering at the Colorado House Rabbit Society.

We are a No-Kill rescue, meaning that we never kill a rabbit to make room for more, but limit the number of rabbits we take to that for which we can provide good care.

It is only through an army of volunteers that we are able to care for all the amazing little bunnies that are in our care.

While our main mission is to find homes for all our charges, it does take time and we want to make sure they are well cared for while they are with us!

– Your friends at the Colorado House Rabbit Society

Age Requirements

We welcome everyone to help with the bunns! If you are 8-15 you need to have
an adult accompany you at all times (we have had Moms, Dads, Aunties,
Grandpas and every other kind of adult you can imagine!) 16-17 year olds
need only to have permission from their parents and some adult must be in
the area in which they are working. 18+ are welcome anytime.

Available Volunteer Opportunities


Our cleaners are the backbone of the operation! They make sure that the rabbits have a clean and tidy place to live. Each and every cage, crate and run is cleaned once a week so that our bunns are comfortable and cozy.

Cleaner Features:

  • Give our rabbits a clean habitat
  • Yes, it’s a messy job, but it makes the bunnies happy!
  • Commit to as many crates as you want, or work with a team to clean the bunny runs together
  • The bunns are so happy when they come back to clean home

Cleaner Responsibilities:

  • Empty and clean crates, scrub litter boxes, refill hay and change towels
  • Volunteer as little as one day a month or as much as every weekend
  • Our most flexible volunteer schedule! …you pick any time between Friday and Monday to clean


Grooming The Bunnies At The Colorado House Rabbit SocietyIf you ever wanted to feel like a rock star, bringing a room full of rabbits their food will fill that wish! The bunns love to eat and scamper right up to see their friends the feeders!

Feeder Features:

  • Join a team to give the bunnies the highlight of their day—food and treats!
  • The feeding team provides papaya tablets (important to help prevent hair balls, but the bunnies think they’re treats); prepares and distributes fresh veggies, gives pellets, fresh hay and water, and a treat
  • Get to know the other feeders on your team
  • Mind the rabbits health by checking daily to be sure they are all eating well and looking good

Feeder Responsibilities:

  • You pick one consistent day a week to volunteer
  • Flexible starting time (4-6pm depending on the day)

Tune Up Technicians

Kids Love Bunnies!If you love having a little bundle of fur relaxing on your lap, becoming a Tune Up Technician is for you! Our Tune Up Technicians make sure that our bunns are looking and feeling their best.

Tune Up Features:

  • Help our rabbits look and feel great
  • Keep them safe by preventing excess fur from getting into their digestive tract
  • Teach rabbits that people are great and that being handled is fun

Tune Up Responsibilities:

  • Fulfill the training to be certified for bunny handling
  • Sign up for regular tune-ups on a flexible “set-your-own” schedule


Our amazing seamstresses are brilliant at making odd-sized towels fit into rabbit-sized crates! The bottom trays of our rabbit crates are all slightly different proportions than the ordinary towel or blanket. Our seamstresses custom sew the the towels to fit the needs of many bunnies.

Who doesn’t like a treat? Our bakers bake delicious treats that make the bunnies go binky! If you love baking and would like to whip up a few batches for our bunnies, we may be a perfect fit for you.


If none of these fit you, never fear! We have all kinds of varied needs from clerking in the gift shop to making videos for social media. Whatever your special talent or skill, we want to know about it and would appreciate your help with making the Colorado House Rabbit Society a success!

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We have a wide range of volunteers from all walks of life! Some of are volunteers have been with us for many years and some are just starting now. We welcome anyone who wants to help and are happy to train you work with the rabbits safely!


Westminster Broomfield High School VolunteerWe are happy to help high school kids fulfill their community service hours requirements. With plenty of flexibility and many different volunteer jobs available, we can work into the busiest high schoolers schedule. Many of our high school alums come back to help and visit even after they have fulfilled their requirements. We are happy to provide personal recommendation letters to our high school volunteers.


Our retirees are an amazing bunch who work tirelessly on everything from feeding and cleaning to sewing and baking. They say that their favorite things about volunteering at the Bunny Burrow are getting to be with the rabbits AND all the great friends they have made with the other volunteers. Not only do they get to give back to a great cause, but they have the chance to make a real difference in other people’s lives!


Our volunteers start at age 8 and up. From 8-15 they must be accompanied by an adult. By volunteering together to work with the bunnies, our Moms, Aunties, Grandmas and Dads say that they get a chance to spend time with teens and pre-teens who might not be the most communicative of humans. Working together to help the bunnies, the grownups find that kids are more willing to open up and talk than at any other time!


Some of our volunteers just want the chance to spend time helping and caring for animals. They are the dedicated people who think that all living creatures deserve a great life and a chance for a forever home. These caring souls are always willing to lend a hand and do whatever it takes around the Bunny Burrow.


Last but not least are our bunny addicts. These are the people who talk about rabbits, dream about rabbits and are owned by rabbits. You know you are a bunny addict if half of your Facebook friends come from bunny groups instead of “real life”. It is amazing to find a group of people who love bunns as much as you do and we will welcome you with open arms!

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Volunteer At The Colorado House Rabbit SocietyWe know what a commitment volunteering is and thank goodness everyday for the awesome group of people who work diligently to make the Colorado House Rabbit Society a success.

That said, it is only by everyone working together that the whole thing works so we do ask that you:

  • Respect and care for the rabbits. Our goal is to nurture and tend to our charges with compassion and care and we ask that all our volunteers do the same.
  • Make a six month commitment to volunteering. Getting someone up and trained takes time and if they are only going to come once or twice that is rough.
  • Show up when you are scheduled. Because many of our positions are “pick your own time”, we do ask that you come when you say you will.
  • Respect the other volunteers. We have a zero tolerance policy around here. We expect everyone to treat each other with dignity and respect at all times.


Thank you so much for considering the opportunity to volunteer at the Colorado House Rabbit Society. We would love to learn more about you and how we might be a good fit for you and your volunteer needs!

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