You MUST register to attend these classes.

Anyone who is interested in taking the Bunny Tune-Up Class offered by the Colorado House Rabbit Society may do so. The class is for people 12 years old and up, who really have an interest in learning about rabbit care and handling.

Prerequisites for the class are to have read the following articles which can be found under “Rabbit Care” on the home page:

Common Medical Problems

Basics of Bunny Behavior and Handling Techniques

The class is four hours long, with one break. Among the many things taught in this class are:

  • handling your rabbit so you are both comfortable and safe
  • caring for the coat for pleasure of both you and your rabbit
  • checking eyes, ears, chin, and teeth so potential problems can be caught early and corrected quickly
  • keeping the hocks healthy and preventing hock sores
  • clipping nails (and teeth, if necessary)
  • cleaning the genital pockets

If you are interested in attending one of these classes, please email tuneupclass@coloradohrs.org, indicating the date and location you are interested in, as well as where you will be coming from. We will contact you with the exact location and directions to the class, and confirmation that you are scheduled.

During class, we will be using the Tune-Up Form. We suggest you download and use this form when doing your bunnies’ tune-ups at home.


Classes will be held:

Register for classes by emailing tuneupclass@coloradohrs.org
All classes run from 1PM to 5PM

Please arrive no later than 12:45 so we can get the rabbits settled before the class starts.

Saturday, 12/02/17


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