Toby was found in Colorado Springs by a compassionate woman who
knew that he wasn’t well. She was afraid to take him to a shelter where he might be killed, and couldn’t afford a vet. She barely had gas enough to drive him to us.

Poor little guy! His incisors were maloccluded and both eyes were infected. He had a terrible case of skin mites, and one ear was infected. He looked miserable. We went to work immediately, treating him and making him as comfortable as we could.

Toby is one of the gentlest, most loving bunny souls I’ve ever met. He lumbers to the door of his crate when anyone stops to visit and sits quietly when we treat his eyes and ear. We can’t do the surgery that is needed for his incisors, and possibly an eyelid until the infections are all cleared up. It will be joy to see him completely well and feeling comfortable! Then he’ll need a home where he can spend hours being snuggled.