Tobey Hicks

2004- May 25, 2012

It’s been three weeks since you crossed the rainbow bridge and we miss you every day. You were so strong and brave in your little life. You tolerated all of your molar trimmings, you fought through four years of E.C. (Head Tilt) and were patient every Saturday morning receiving your pen “g” injections for the past two years. You never fought when you needed to be syringe fed, and even handled the acupuncture when it was needed.

You loved rides in the car, going on vacation and staying at all of the hotels. Those times were so much fun for us and will never be forgotten!

You always made us smile everyday and taught us what life is really about and how precious it really is. I made a promise to you that we would take good care of Alliey for you and always make sure she is happy, and Im holding on that.

Thank you my sweetie for being who you were. We hope you are dancing up there..