Thanks to Our Benefactors

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We thank the following businesses and individuals for their various donations and contributions to benefit our rabbits.
Contributors to The Colorado House Rabbit Society in 2012

Bob Breyfogle is a benefactor of our chapter. We’d like to thank him by letting you know about his repair and maintenance business, Epos Maintenance and Consulting. He can be reached at 303-810-8665
–”My house has benefited from his careful taking care of it since we moved here. He can do small construction things (not whole roofs, for example, though some roof repair), and painting inside and out, he has put in doors, set and grouted tiles, fixed poor construction mistakes, exterior painting and siding repair, he is so amazing, too with landscape. He knows how to properly prune trees and shrubs, put in sprinkler systems or repair them, he has taken down trees that are very close to the house without a scratch on the house.
He is scrupulous about saying whether the job is something he is competent to do or not. That’s what I like most about him. He also does plumbing stuff. He says he is OCD, but my experience of him is he is OCD in the kinds of ways one really appreciates when it comes to doing those sorts of jobs well.

Contributors to The Colorado House Rabbit Society in 2010

Sage Media offers high quality portrait photography with an emphasis on giving back to the community. Recently Colorado HRS was the recipient of part of the proceeds from two Easter photography events where our rabbits were featured in photos with children –

Contributors to Past Fundraisers

The Colorado House Rabbit Society would like to thank the following corporate sponsors and other donors for their generous contributions to our fundraisers. Their donations have been used in prize drawings, as silent auction items, and as volunteer gifts. Please visit their websites and purchase to support them in turn, if you can.

Marty Egeland of Countryside Painting did a great job painting our building in 2009 and also installed two windows for free in honor of our purpose.
Countryside Painting – Residential Interior & Exterior Painting
Phone: 720-335-3571

Many of these and other vendors can also be found using links on our Where to Find… Page