Tessa and Trumble

These were two of eight babies born to Twinkle in a carrier when she was
being transported from an animal shelter to us.

Sadly, they have watched their mother and all of their siblings go to forever
homes, while they have stayed here their entire five and a half years. Because
they don’t get as much attention here as they would in a forever home, they
have gradually become less eager to meet people, which in turn, makes them
less adoptable.

Each has been quite healthy having had only an occasional bout of stasis.
Both are moderately friendly and enjoy human attention (especially if treats
are involved). They are available for either adoption or permanent foster.

If you’re thinking about getting a pair of rabbits, please consider these two.

DOB: April 11, 2010,
Weight: 4.6 Lbs. (11-06-2015)

DOB: April 11, 2010,
Weight: 5.1 Lbs. (11-06-2015)