Pansy and Tate

Pansy was born at the HRS shelter the night following the 2012 Spring Fling.

Tate was one of eight babies born in a carrier when mom was being transported from an animal shelter to us. What a surprise it was to find a nest of eight beautiful newborns upon arrival!

According to the person who fostered Tate, he’s very clever and has unending energy. Pansy is lively, too, but she also likes to cuddle. Both rabbits are friendly and enjoy people, but Tate also loves to manipulate them which is part of why he’s such a character.

DOB:  April 13, 2010, Weight:  4.69 lbs.  (12-19-2014)
DOB:  May 19, 2012, Weight:  8.46 lbs.  (12-19-2014)