Star and Luke

Someone was allowing their rabbit to produce babies repeatedly.  As soon as the infants were “kicked out” (in order for mom to care for the next litter), they wandered into the neighbor’s yard.  They were rescued, taken to a shelter, and then came to us.  Star and Luke were two of these babies.  Star was from an earlier litter than Luke.  We don’t know if they had the same father.

Luke is blind and has to be approached verbally. They are relatively calm rabbits who are cautiously friendly, verifying that a person can be trusted before relaxing with them. These two seem totally devoted to each other.

DOB:  March 2014, Weight:  3.68 lbs.  (5-9-2015)
DOB:  April 2014, Weight:  3.59 lbs.  (5-9-2015)