Can’t Adopt but still want to help an Individual Bunny or Bonded Pair?

Then Sponsor-A-Bunny!

The Colorado House Rabbit Society is a no-kill, all-volunteer, non-profit organization that rescues domestic rabbits and finds homes for them as house rabbits. All expenses are paid for with fundraising and donations.

For just $1.32/day you can give a rabbit comfort and health while awaiting a forever home.

Every rabbit is given nutritious pellets, daily fresh vegetables, unlimited quality hay, bunny safe litter, frequently cleaned living spaces and special treats. That is $40 a month ($1.32 a day) per rabbit.

As a sponsor, you will receive these sponsor benefits:

    • Choose the rabbit you want to sponsor (or ask us to choose one for you)
    • Your name, or your company logo, will be displayed on your rabbit’s crate
    • Your name, or your company logo, will also be displayed on our website.
    • Your bunny will send you a THANK YOU with his or her photo by email
    • You will receive monthly updates by your choice of text or email
    • You can schedule times to visit your bunny/bunnies to pet and snuggle with them
    • And of course, your bunny will let you know when he or she finds a forever home.

Gift Giving

A sponsorship is also a wonderful gift to give any animal lover, especially one for whom you don’t know what to give.


How to Get Started

To become a Sponsor, just fill out this  FORM,   AND now available quick monthly donation sign up


1. Set up automatic payments through your bank (100% goes to bunnies, NO fees taken out of your donation. Our treasurer can help with this)
2. Mail you monthly payment to COHRS, P.O. Box 238 Broomfield, CO 80038-0238 (100% goes to bunnies, NO fees taken out of your donation)
3. Donate on our website (button on the left, be sure to click MONTHLY. Paypal takes ~3% of donation)
5. Donate through Colorado Giveshttps://www.coloradogives.org/Coloradohrs/overview  (donation button is on bottom right, be sure to click MONTHLY. CO Gives takes 2% of donation)

Any questions feel free to email the Sponsorship Coordinator at  sponsoring@coloradohrs.org


A Huge thank you to our Sponsors. You truly make a difference in the lives of our bunnies!

Our Sponsors…