On June first we lost our dear baby girl- Sofie. Sofie began her journey as a stray brought to HRS where she waited patiently for us to find her and bring her home. In her two short years with us she taught us what is love, gratitude, and happiness look like. She was so sweet and so silly. As a bunny member of our family she never seemed to have a “prey” instinct! She was relentless at getting dried cranberries even if she had to take them out of our mouths! She would spend her free roaming time with us on a couch begging for more treats, which of course we absolutely adored and reinforced. She had no boundaries when it came to craisins- she would go super hyperactive, with her almond shaped eyes wide open due to “sugar overload”, as we called, which caused her to be just a blur on all her pictures. Sofie had such a strong, stubborn, wonderful personality, with so much love to give! I was peed on repeatedly for being noncompliant with Sofie’s requests – but I would never change a thing, it was Sofie’s way of telling me she was displeased with my doings.

We love her dearly and we miss her terribly!