Rowan and Wicker

Rowan was found in a cage next to a highway.  he person who found her gave her to someone else, who gave her to her cousin, who gave her to some children.  Luckily, a woman overheard a conversation about “letting her go,” so she took her, and Rowan finally had a loving home.

Wicker was stepped on in a garden and then tossed in a trash can.  Rowan’s mom rescued her too. Sadly, the arrival of a baby, who was allergic to the bunnies, made it necessary for them to find a new home and they came to us.

Rowan is very social, playful, and affectionate.  Wicker takes a little time to warm up to new people, and then she’s just as much fun as Rowan.  These two big armfuls of love will give someone lots of snuggling and joy.

DOB:  2011, Weight:  10.29 lbs.  (5-9-2015)
DOB:  2012, Weight:  5.75 lbs.  (5-9-2015)