Rica, Reed and Racer [ Racer has been adopted]

The mom of these bunnies was a stray with two males. Over three months, she gave birth to three litters of rabbits. 

Rica was the only surviving girl of Rhea’s third litter. She’s a lively, determined young lady, having made herself the top bunny of the three. 

Reed was one of three surviving boys of Rhea’s second litter. 


Racer [Adopted] was one of four surviving boys of Rhea’s first litter.


DOB: Mid-May 2014, Weight: 4.19 Lbs. (06-01-2016)


DOB: March 2014, Weight: 3.87Lbs. (06-01-2016)


DOB: Late February 2014, Weight: 5.19 Lbs. (06-01-2016)