Rhea & Reese

Rhea was only seven months old when she found herself as a stray with two intact males. She gave birth to three litters in three months. Her fat supplies and calcium were used up, but she became pregnant with another litter of ten. These would have killed her even before they reached term. Fortunately, our bunny catchers caught her, the 18 surviving babies, and the two males. We got her spayed immediately and she has spent the time since then eating, resting, and regaining her health.

Reese was one of three surviving boys from Rhea’s second litter. They met after being separated, didn’t know they were related, and bonded. Since babies are no longer an issue, it really doesn’t matter.

DOB:  2013, Weight:  4.01 lbs.
DOB:  April 2014, Weight:  4.39 lbs.