Rex and Rocky

Rex and Rocky had the same mom and possibly the same dad.

Their mom, Rhea, was a stray with two intact males. Over three

months, she gave birth to three litters of bunnies. Rex was

from the first litter and Rocky from the third. 

The two are happy, playful rabbits, who enjoy being petted, and

are easily picked up, once they know that the person picking them

up knows how to do it properly, so they feel secure. 

Name: REX                                   ROCKY

DOB:  APRIL, 2014                    MARCH, 2014

Sex:     MALE                                MALE

Breed: MIX                                   MIX


Index: 14-049                               14-060

Rex: 3.4 lbs.                                  Rocky: 4.5 lbs.