Rosie and Razz

This chubby cheeked duo was born to one of the rabbits here at the shelter. Rosie is as adorable as her name, sporting little white patches on her nose and mouth along with long dark lashes framing large chocolate eyes. Razz is no slouch in the looks department either! His bright white and black fur sets off his gorgeous bright blue eyes and little pink nose. The pair is calm but sweet with great housekeeping habits. Rosie and Razz prefer the quiet life and really enjoy one on one time. They are perfectly content to sit by your side and keep you company, no matter the task at hand.

Name:  Rosie                                     Razz
DOB:    MID MARCH, 2014          MID MARCH, 2014
Sex:       FEMALE                             MALE
Breed:  MIX                                      MIX
Index:  14-059                                  14-054