Prince Romeo

Here I sit, drinking my morning coffee, and you are not here. It’s not real yet, I know the upcoming months, your absence will be felt all the more profoundly. Today just seems just wrong, like perhaps you are just getting some water or pellets, and will hop out and headbutt my leg, demanding pets any minute now. Shadow is here, nibbling on the morning treat of kale. I put a far too big helping out for her…I am not used to not bringing you a morning treat yet.

With all the horrible things in the world, people being killed, children being neglected and abused, the elderly dying in poverty and alone….what is the loss of one tiny rabbit compared to these travesties?

It is because you were my always friend. Whenever I was feeling sad or lonely, whenever I wanted comfort, whenever I wanted to share joy, you were always right there for me. All that I needed to do was open your cage, and you would hop out, eager for attention, treats, but most of all, love. Perhaps that is how you managed to charm me and captivate me so, winding me around your little paw- I had no idea rabbits had such capacity for unconditional love before you came into my life, thank you forever to CJ for this. Bunny intelligence, mannerisms and affection were a totally delightful surprise, and I fell so hard.

And not only me. You loved everyone. My kids, the children of the neighborhood….you would lie in the kids arms and let them love you, you were so patient. But you did love me the best, and you brought much needed sunshine into the gloomiest of days. Sometimes, in the dark hours, little white paws on my leg, or a gentle nudging of your head into my hand would become the light through the clouds. All of this you offered me for the mere price of hay and litter; how can I every repay such unassuming friendship?

And so this is the price we pay for deep love. The emptiness when it is taken from us. Be at rest little one, I could no longer bear to see you in pain, but know I shall miss your sweetness forever. I have always loved animals, and always will, but you will forever be my heart bunny. You were the first, and you were the one who taught me my spirit animal is a rabbit with your sweet, funny and charming cleverness. RIP sweet prince Romeo