Possible Emergency Rabbit Veterinarians

If you’ve taken your rabbit to a veterinarian claiming to be able to treat rabbits, but doesn’t treat yours appropriately, you can file a complaint with the Board of Veterinary Medicine.

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Always call to see if there is a rabbit-savvy vet available before you go.
“If a vet says that they can see your rabbit, ask them to be specific about their experience treating rabbits.” After all, anyone with eyes can SEE your rabbit. Sadly, in some cases, that is all that the vet means.

In the past, having an exotic specialist “on call” has always meant that, if that specialist is needed, he or she would come to the clinic. However, when University Hills says they have a specialist on call, they mean that, if you agree to an additional payment, they will call the specialist and talk to her about your rabbit’s situation. She will NOT, however, come in to see your rabbit.

So please, get a definition of what any emergency clinic means by having a specialist on call before you go there.

7 Hills Veterinary Hospital
18325 E. Girard Avenue Aurora, CO 80013

Powers Pet Emergency
5886 Tutt Boulevard, Colorado Springs, CO

Southern Colorado Veterinary Internal Medicine
5520 North Nevada Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO
Monday through Friday: 6 pm to 8 am
Saturday and Sunday: 24 hours
24 hours during major holidays

Animal Emergency Care Center
3775 Airport Road, Colorado Springs, CO
Monday through Friday: 6 pm to 12 am
Saturday, Sunday and major holidays: 12 pm – 12 am

VCA Alameda East Veterinary Hospital
9770 East Alameda Avenue Denver, CO 80247
Open 24 hours every day of the week