Ophelia and Annie

Onyca gave birth to five babies, Ophelia being one of them. She is lively and comfortable with people as long as you convince her that you mean no harm.  

Annie was a little stray rescued by our fabulous “Bunny Brigade.” She happily moved in going from 2 lb. 2 oz. to 4 lb. 14oz. in the first two months she was here! Annie is an easy-going bunny. She enjoys being petted and isn’t difficult to pick up. 

OPHELIA                                                                    ANNIE

DOB:  MAY 2, 2016                                                  MAY 2016

Sex:     FEMALE                                                         FEMALE

Breed: MIX                                                                 MIX

Color: BLACK (WHITE NOSE)                            BLACK

Index: 16-039                                                              16-064

Weight: 4 lb. 13 oz                                                     4 Lb, 14 oz