Nose to Tail Grooming for Health and Comfort

Colorado House Rabbit Society Manager, Nancy LaRoche, will be doing nose-t0-tail grooming and nail-clipping at the Bunny Barn between 10 AM and 2 PM. on the following days:

Saturday 1/14/17
Sunday 1/22/17
Saturday 2/11/17
Sunday 2/19/17
Saturday 3/4/17
Sunday 3/19/17
Saturday 4/1/17
Sunday 4/16/17
Saturday 5/13/17
Sunday 5/28/17
Saturday 6/10/17
Sunday 6/18/17


Nose-to-Tail Grooming (includes nail clipping)–$20, nail-clipping alone–$5.

To schedule, email Nancy at, and ask for a specific time. You will get a reply to confirm that we are holding that time slot for you, or to tell you it is already taken.

Those with appointments must be on time or they will lose their reserved time slot.

No walk-ins will be accepted—you must make an appointment.