My BUNNY Valentine Event



Show your love
for your favorite
shelter Bunny with..

My BUNNY Valentine!

For just $10 a special bunny gets the outside of his or her crate decorated
with an adorable Valentine heart. You also get to have your special message
displayed on a hanging paper heart in the Bunny Barn for all to see!
On Valentine’s day your bunny gets an extra special surprise…
the lovely bunny safe Valentine crate decor will be given to him or her as a fun treat!
Our goal is to have all of the shelter bunnies’ crates decorated by Valentines Day!
1. Mail check to: 
P.O. Box 238
Broomfield, CO 80038-0238
2. Drop money off at COHRS (drop box in alcove if the shop is closed)
3. Purchase one in the Bunny Burrow, open on Saturdays from 10-2
4. Donate on our website (button on the left. has credit card or Paypal options)
5. Donate through Colorado Gives  (donation button is on bottom right)

Sign up HERE to sponsor a bunny for Valentine’s Day!

Make a bunnies’ heart sing

with “My BUNNY Valentine!”

You can send a Valentine to any of the bunnies, if it is one that already has a treat on his/her crate we will just decorate another bunnies’ crate with one!List of our current bunnies, in case you would like to choose a specific bunny to get a Valentine treat:

ALL of the bunnies got a Valentine’s treat!


*Carney, Carina, *Connie & Carswell, Carrie & Samantha, Renee & Riley, Razz & Rosie, Rabiah & Logan, *Snowy & Avalanche, *Daisy & Cirrus, *Tiffany, Humphrey, *Pippa & Paul, Britta & Barney, *Leah, *Heidi, *Joelle,  *Noelle, Robyn, *Kristie, *Stevie & Stella,  *Chaddie, *Channing, Charity & Chandler, Kendall & Jay, *Elsa, Onyca, Annie & Ophelia, Grayson & Gracie, Griffeth, Grant & Grady, Briana & Brittany, Gretchen & Griselle, Grover & Gretta, Laverne, Shirley, Luna & Sol, Chip & Dale, Darla, Samora, Aletha, *Minnie, Stephanie, {Macy, Stacie & Stuart}, *Sallie, Buddy & Misty, Sarah, Twix, Brenden & Lindsay, *Gem, *Twyla, Allie, Abner, Sloane, *Miracle, Fred & Forrest, Jett, Ivy & Eve, Cosmo, *Hairy Pawter, *Mattie, {Bandit, Tivoli & Finn}, *Mia, *Shiloh, Frosty, Berri, *Polly & Clark, *Lovey, *Gilligan, Bo, Kirsten, Mary Ann, *Benny & Buster, *Galaxi, *Isabelle, *PJ, Whitney, Wyatt, Suzy & Ricky, *Lolli , Heather , *Louie , *Tony,  Theodore, Koko & Simba, *Storm
If the bunny you choose gets a loving forever home for Valentines Day we will give their treat to another bunny who needs one.

ALSO available for the Valentine’s season…

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