Miss Coffee

Miss Coffee has an unknown past. All that we know of her is what we found out after her big husbun Miffy found her at a Dumb Friends League shelter. Miffy had been looking for a new friend ever since his honey-bunn Sugarfoot passed unexpectedly during the night sometime in 2007.

He was in with his humans looking for someone new when he reacted to sweet little Coffee hidden away up as high as she could be. The shelter people brought her down and the two ruby-eyed darlings bonded immediately.

From the start we knew there was something wrong with Coffee, and later we found out that due to an incident when she was younger, she was going to be splay-legged. She and Miffy loved each other to the end, cleaning each others ears, cuddling for warmth, and Coffee would protect her giant chicken husbunn from the hands that would pet them.

Though she couldn’t hop very well, Miss Coffee got around plenty. With such an adorable face, who could resist holding her?

Coffee is believed to have been born sometime in 2004, and was put to sleep to ease her pain at 2:50 on Wednesday, June 23rd 2010. She was greatly loved, and will be sorely missed.