Miracle and Abner

Miracle was found under a mobile home in Greeley, the sole survivor of her litter. We believe her siblings and mother had been killed by predators. Many, many, many syringes of formula later she has grown into quite the spitfire! She enjoys playing with her adoptive siblings and teasing her neighbors. When she isn’t climbing toys or furniture she can be seen displaying some truly impressive flops.

Name: Miracle
DOB: 6/19/2017
Sex: Female
Breed: Mix
Color: Golden brown, black & white
Index: 17-046

Abner came to us from an animal shelter when he was only 5 days old. This little puff ball can be found wherever there is food. His voracious appetite doesn’t stop at veggies and hay, he and his sister have been known to taste test pedicures when given the chance. Abner doesn’t believe in being shy; he will crawl all over you to figure out where you are hiding the treats! If you enjoy being in the kitchen, meet your perfect taste testing companion.
DOB: 5/26/2017
Sex: Male
Breed: Holland Lop
Color: Light Brown
Index 17-041