Mini-B and Bobo

While living in Florida, this couple rescued five baby bunnies who had been left outside to fend for themselves. They got all of them altered, found homes for three, and kept two for themselves. Later, they moved to Colorado, bring the bunnies with them.

Sadly, their elderly parents back in Florida suddenly needed LOTS of help, and the younger couple found they had to travel back and forth, staying for long periods of time. They weren’t able to give their beloved bunnies the lives they wanted them to have, so they relinquished them to us, so they could find a good home.

Mini-B is a spunky little thing, seeming to have some of the dwarf attitude, certain she can out-maneuver or out-smart any other rabbit or human! Bobo seems to have more of the Dutch personality, quiet and gentle. The two will make someone a delightful addition to their family!