Max was the first rabbit I adopted from the Colorado House Rabbit Society as a mate my tiny Netherland Dwarf named Ebony. Max was the smallest bunny in the rescue and on our first meeting, he ran up to the door and eagerly greeted us. He had been taken to the rescue after being tossed from a car and left in a median at a busy intersection.

Even with a rough start, Max had plenty of love to share as he showered us with little bunny kisses whenever we came home. He loved it after we came home from a run and our skin was salty with sweat; I would get a head to toe cleaning! I have never known a sweeter bunny and even with numerous health problems, his love never wavered. He was my darling little boy, and my heart aches with his passing. He left us after 8 years on this earth and I know he is running around heaven, happier and healthier than ever. You will forever be missed Max, thank you for touching my life with your joy.

In Loving Memory of Max (2003-April 28th, 2011)


Ashley, Jay and Lucinda