Mary Ann and Gilligan


In the spring of 2017, Greeley residents reported bunnies on an island in Glenmere Park. After long negotiations with the city, the Bunny Brigade managed to start rescue efforts. These two are the last of three rabbits captured on Gilligan’s Island.

While both are a little shy, they are warming up to our volunteers when offered treats. Gilligan has a slight tremor. In a safe and loving home both should thrive.

Name:     Mary Ann                                             Gilligan
DOB:       1/1/2017                                                 5/15/2017
Sex:          FEMALE                                               MALE
Breed:     MIX                                                        MIX
Color:      Black w/ wh left front foot            Dark grey w/ wh left front toes
Index:      17-092                                                   17-080