Logan and Rabiah

Someone was allowing their rabbit to produce babies repeatedly.  As soon as the infants were “kicked out” (in order for mom to care for the next litter), they wandered into the neighbor’s yard.  They were rescued and brought to a shelter and from there they came to us.  Logan is one of these kids.

Rabiah’s mom, Rhea, was a stray with two intact males.  Over a three month period she gave birth to three litters.  Rabiah was one of four surviving girls from Rhea’s first litter.

Logan is comfortable with people.  Rabiah is learning that people aren’t so bad .

DOB:  April 2014, Weight:  4.32 lbs.  (5-16-2015)
DOB:  March 2014, Weight:  4.67 lbs.  (5-16-2015)