Lacey was found with her eight newborn babies by someone who took them all to a shelter.  From there, they came to us.  Sadly, Lacey’s milk dried up and we weren’t able to stimulate it.  All eight babies died in spite of our attempts to syringe formula to them.

The good news is Lacey is healthy and fit.  She is an expert climber and jumper. When housed in one of our pens, she jumped over into another rabbit’s pen.  We blocked it so she couldn’t do it again, but she jumped over enough pens to be able to run around the shelter, thoroughly enjoying herself.  After catching her, we put her in a crate where she, hopefully, can’t escape.

She is a lovely little girl and will add happiness and laughter to your home.

DOB:  October 2014, Weight:  5.3 lbs. (11-03-2015)