King Soopers Card

King Soopers will donate 5%  of any purchases made with your 

reloadable gift card to Colorado House Rabbit Society. 

So buy your groceries, gas and even prescriptions with your special card!

King Soopers cards are now available at the Bunny Burrow.

1.  $5 cash will get you a card already loaded with $5 to use.
2.  Go to your King Soopers store, and ask one of the cashiers to put on however much more you want, using cash, check, or credit card.
3.   Then, whenever you purchase groceries, gas or prescriptions use this card to pay for them, and we get 5% of what you’ve spent.
4.  When the amount gets low, just put more money on it.

In this way, our chapter gets a nice donation from King Soopers, and it costs our members nothing.


Use your King Soopers Reward Gift Card at any Kroger Family Store:

Don’t have a card yet? Pick yours up at the CO-HRS Bunny Burrow today!

Too far from our shop to pick one up?

email:  with your address and how many cards you would like (its nice to have more than one if you have more than one person filling up gas, getting groceries & perscriptions or picking up a coffee from the Starbucks located in your Kroger Store) and we will get them to you!


special Bunny stickers for your King Soopers card
just so you know how much we appreciate you!

More details in case you are interested: 

– We get a percentage (5%) of the amounts reloaded on the cards, not when you spend it. Payout is whenever all cards hit a reload level of $5000.
– You can reload with cash, check or credit card (meaning you can still get your credit card rewards with reloading your special King Soopers donation card).
–  You can spend the $5 on the card and never reload it, BUT to really help our bunnies reloading the card is the way to go.
– If a card has a zero ($0) balance for 90 days, it becomes inactive.  You would have to buy another card from us to continue (you can not just get any card from King Soopers, the card you get from    CO-HRS has a special link to send those King Sooper donations right to us).
– You can reload at a register right before ringing up your groceries and then use the card right away at that same register.
– If you reload at one register (e.g. customer service desk), it will take approximately 10 minutes before you can use it at a different register.
– There is a delay at the gas station too (reload at window, then use at pump). However, you can tell the gas clerk when you reload that you want to then use it to pay for gas and they’ll work that out at the window, but then you’ll have to go back to get your receipt at the window. I use mine for gas all the time, so I try to keep a sufficient balance ahead of time.
– You can not pay for gift cards with the KS cards.
– You can put a small round sticker on your card (just ask us for it when you pick yours up) and write that it’s for the bunnies (CO-HRS), so you know which gift card is for our organization. You don’t have to do this, but some people find it nice, and that way you know it’s the one you want to reload to get those donations coming in for our bunnies.