Jacinda and Jenkins

Josie was flown to us from Salt Lake, Utah, with other rabbits by “Pilots for Paws” to save her from being killed because the shelter there lacked space. She arrived, supposedly spayed and micro-chipped. Unfortunately, she was neither. After several months with us, Josie’s pen was apparently invaded by an intact male, and she gave birth to four beautiful babies.

Jacinda is one of Josie’s beautiful babies, as is her hus-bunn, Jenkins. Both were rated as “excellent” with litter box habits, but “shy” by the person who fostered them. However, Jenkiins sat in her lap and kissed her face when she had a treat–as long as no one touched him. Jacinda loves to rearrange everything in her crate, pushing anything she doesn’t like through the bars. Very entertaining pair!

DOB Jacinda:  April 2010     Weight:  7.0 lbs.

DOB Jenkins:  April 2010     Weight: 5.7 lbs.