Grady, Griffeth and Grant

Someone released two intact rabbits and moved away. The rabbits did what rabbits do so well—they multiplied. Our fabulous Bunny Brigade caught 41 of them, these three being among them. 

They are young enough that we don’t know exactly what their personalities will be when grown, but now, they’re comfortable with people. These bunns will be growing until they are roughly 8 months old.


Name:   GRADY             GRIFFETH              GRANT

DOB:     DEC, 2015         FEB, 2016                MAR, 2016

Sex:        MALE                 MALE                        MALE

Breed:   MIX                     MIX                           MIX

Color:    BRN AGOUTI   BLACK                    BLK AGOUTI

Index:    16-071                  16-072                     16-072

Weight: 5 lb. 6 oz              5 lb                          4 lb. 11 oz