My Grace has passed after 11 1/2 years on this earth. I was lucky enough to know her for more than 8 of those years. She originally came to us named Pearl with her companion Hotshot, but I changed both their names and she became Grace Kelly because she was my princess. Grace outlasted 2 husbuns out of sheer stubbornness. My heart bleeds at her loss, even though it was her time. I wrote this poem after her last husbunny passed and haven’t been able to look at it until now.

Little life, short and beautiful
My love for you knows no size
Memories in my heart encased
Fly free even when it is not wise

My small person with no words
The quiet now too loud to bear
A life so long fought for
Gone in a blink after the long stare

Forward motion, life rolls in
A stray thought begins to form
Breath leaves me, tears descend
So much pain my heart feels torn

My beautiful one, so loved, now gone
Innocent soul and loving heart
Missed by every life you touched
Goodby little life, the hole you leave in my heart is vast

–Jennifer Campos