GI Stasis

GI StasisThis is probably the most common of rabbit ailments.  It refers to the condition of a rabbit who suddenly stops eating.  Such a rabbit won’t eat even his favorite treat.  The danger is one that is difficult to remember, because it doesn’t seem a logical consequence.  The danger is:

When a rabbit suddenly stops eating, his body temperature begins to fall, fairly rapidly.  You can lose a rabbit to hypothermia in a matter of hours.

You need to determine NOW how you will restore or stop the drop in body temperature as you’re rushing your rabbit to the veterinarian.  A hot water bottle, wrapped in a towel in the bottom of a carrier with the rabbit sitting on top of it is perhaps one of the best ways to do this.  However, the microwave bags that can be heated, or even a bottle or jar with a good seal can be used.

GI Stasis is usually easily treated, but is deadly in a matter of hours, if the body temperature drops low enough.

Typical treatment includes adding heat to the rabbit (a bag with grain heated in the microwave is a good tool for this), motility drugs, warm sub-cu fluids, simethicone if there is any bloating, and of great importance if there is pain, pain medications.  Getting the rabbit to hop around and syringe feeding a mush (such as Critical Care or Angel’s Mush) can also help.