Dixon and Davey

A naïve grandmother gave her grandchildren a pair of unaltered rabbits and very soon there was a litter of babies.  And, before they knew it, there was another litter of babies!  Panic seized the adults in the family and they called Animal Control for help.  Long story short, HRS spayed and neutered all the rabbits, returned the adult rabbits to the family, and kept all of the youngsters to be adopted.

Dixon and Davey are lively, not quite sure of people, but really not afraid of them either.  In a home they’ll blossom and become delightful members of the family.

DOB: September 13, 2014
Weight: 4.96 lbs.  (9-12-2015)

DOB: September 13, 2014
Weight:  5.36 lbs.  (9-12-2015)