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If you have supplies left over from bunnies you have had and want to donate them, please contact Nancy at

Board of Directors
Nancy LaRoche, President
Carrie Oswald, Vice President
Susan Anderson, Treasurer
Sarah Erickson, Secretary
Bill Guerrera, Director
Paula Shafer, Director
Adoptions – Nancy LaRoche

  • Process Adoption Applications and Delivers Adopted Rabbits
Bunny Barn Miscellany – Adam Cerny

  • Oversee keeping Bunny Barn organized and stocked
  • Create signs and labels needed to convey information to volunteers and visitors
Badges – Carrie Oswald

  • Verify volunteers’ paperwork is complete
  • make volunteer ID badges
  • maintain current information in volunteer data base
Cleaning Crates Trainer
Lead trainer: Terri Harris

  • Train new cleaners
  • Supervise on-going development of volunteers’ cleaning and bunny-handling skills
Community Outreach – Tracie Dissinger

  • Give presentations to interested school & community groups
  • Schedule, organize and supervise short term volunteering by school/community groups
Crate and Pen Cleaners Scheduling and Follow-up – Konnie Olson

  • Overall responsibility of crate and pen cleaning
  • Makes certain that all crates and pens have been cleaned
  • Follows up with cleaners when there are problems
  • Maintains contact list of cleaners
  • Schedules weekly cleaning of shelter crates and runs
  • Communicates by email with cleaners to solve problems and share important information
Disaster Preparedness – Dick Myron

  • Develop and supervise plans for shelter bunny safety in the event of various disasters

Electrical System & Appliance Maintenance – John Keating

  • Provide changes/additions to electrical system as needed to keep it up to code and well maintained
  • Regularly clean and maintain shelter appliances for safety and efficiency
Email Administration – Mike Bonfiglio
Events Coordinator – Currently not occupied

  • Oversees Spring Fling
  • Oversees Bunny Boutique
Exercise Coordinator – Terri Harris

  • Schedule and train volunteers to take shelter bunnies to outdoor runs for exercise on a regular basis, weather permitting
Feeders Lead- Konnie Olson (temporarily)

  • Maintains a list of which feeding teams need additional feeders
  • Maintains a list of substitute feeders
  • Updates feeder guide and Team Leader Guide as needed
Fundraising – Crystal Overdeck

  • With co-managers, create and implement new fundraising opportunities for the chapter
Grant Request Writers – Kim Toman; Christine Reese; Bob Bolskar
Grooming Lead – Barb Swan

  • Oversees and helps train groomers
Grooming, Nose to Tail – Nicki Kravcisin
Information Technology
Infrastructure: Brian Lindstrom
Application Engineers: Kalen Arndt and Mike Bonfiglio

  • Manage all Information Technology
Maintenance – John Keating
Frank Henoch

  • Oversee all repair and maintenance tasks in the Bunny Barn
Mass Email Coordinator – Jan Mock

  • Send mass emails to members to communicate chapter needs and other important information
Membership Deputy- Currently not occupied

  • Processes paperwork for memberships and adoptions
New Events Coordinator – Victoria Shearer

  • Oversee the chapter’s participation in all new events
Newsletter Editor – Sarah Erickson

  • Coordinate production and communication for the quarterly chapter newsletter, “The Bunny Runner”
Office Manager – Mike Bonfiglio

  • Handles day-to-day jobs to keep the office functioning efficiently and effectively
Onsite Manager – Nancy LaRoche

  • Oversee all aspects of the chapter via Area Supervisors

 Orientation of New Feeding and Cleaning Volunteers – Rachel

  • Provides orientation to new feeders and cleaners, including a tour of the Bunny Barn.
Photo Lead – Craig Snow

  • Train, schedule and communicate with photographers as needed for the website Bunnies Pages and for all CO-HRS event photos
Rabbit Needs – Nancy LaRoche

  • Oversee Tune-Ups and all health care for shelter bunnies
  • Train volunteers as needed to handle bunnies
Request Evaluator – Laura Moresi

  • Investigate details of new events CO-HRS is invited to participate in
  • Share results with decision makers
Shelter Rabbit Sponsorship – Crystal Overdeck

  • Handles requests to sponsor a shelter rabbit
Shop Supervisor – Currently not occupied

  • Manage all aspects of the Bunny Burrow shop, including personnel and merchandise
Social Media
Administrator: Beth Skinner

  • Oversee posting of information on CO- HRS Facebook and Twitter pages
  • Make the public aware of the CO-HRS mission and philosophy; create publicity and field questions from the media.
  • Field questions that come in via Social Media
Supply and Warehousing – Barry Oehler

  • Inventory, order and store all supplies for the shelter
Towel Oversight – Ann Kerouac

  • Ensures donated towels are sewn together to fit the bunny cages and monitors the need for new ones
Toys for Sheltered Bunnies Lead

  • Oversee the making of toys for the sheltered bunnies
Toys Lead – Shelba Hemming

  • Design, test and oversee making of toys for sale in the shop
Treasurer – Susan Anderson

  • Co-manage the budget
  • Process income and pay bills
  • Provide financial reports to the Board
Tuneup Class Coordinator – Carol Vogel

  • Maintain list of participants in monthly TuneUp classes
Volunteer Coordinator – Currently not occupied

  • Match volunteers with volunteer openings
Webmaster – Kalen Arndt

  • Manage and update chapter website
  • Maintain Organization Chart
Website Gift Shop Shipper – Currently not occupied

  • Handle shipping of website gift shop orders
Publicity – Georgiana Hall
  • Publicize the CO HRS on all media platforms.