Charmer and Polar

When a breeder was slaughtering rabbits, Charmer managed to escape. Animal control found and took her to an animal shelter, where she gave birth to 10 babies. Amazingly, the breeder came to the shelter to get her, but left without her!

Charmer came to us with her babies when they were just a day old.
At first, she was pretty frightened, but gradually learned she and her babies were safe with us. Now she’s comfortable when picked up.

Polar came to us from an animal shelter.

Name: CHARMER                            POLAR
DOB: Early 2014                               2013
Sex: FEMALE                                    MALE
Breed: CALIFORNIAN                    CALIFORNIAN
Index: 16-011                                      17-049

Weight: 8 lb. 14 oz.                            7 lb. 7oz.