Ashton was left outside the door of our Bunny Barn, covered in

Fleas, when we were already overflowing, forcing others on our

waiting list to wait even longer. How selfish and rude! At least,

they gave us his date of birth. 

Ashton is a big, gentle, and friendly fellow, who enjoys attention.

If you’re strong enough to handle his bulk, he’s easily handled.

He’s so appealing that he probably won’t be here long.

DOB: June 6, 2015, Weight: 9.6 Lbs, Breed: Rex, Sex: Male, Index: 17-004



Winnie and Draco

Winnie and Draco

Name:           WINNIE           DRACO

DOB: MARCH 22, 2013           SEPTEMBER 390, 2013

Sex:   FEMALE                      MALE       

Breed:        HOLLAND LOP           MINI-LOP                             

Color:         BLACK & WHITE                AGOUTI & WHITE

Index:         17-002                                     17-003


Winnie originally came to us from an animal shelter. Draco came to find a mate, and chose her. The two lived with their adopters until recently, when the wife became ill, requiring a move on very short notice.


Both are a little shy at first, but a treat given to Winnie quickly overcomes her shyness, and she enjoys being held. Draco is a bit slower to trust, but he does enjoy being petted.





How Dillon found himself at an animal shelter, we don’t know.  They found him to be so stressed that they feared he would die when they attempted a basic exam. So he came to us. 

We found him to be completely relaxed and friendly. So friendly, in fact that we have to be careful when we open his crate door to be sure he doesn’t fall out as he dashes to us to be petted! What a love! Easy to pick up and handle, too.

DOB: Mid 2015, Weight: 6.4 LBS, Sex: Male, Breed: Mix, Index: 17-001


Camellia, Carmen, and Caleb

Camellia, Carmen, and Caleb

These were three of eleven born to Carissa, a stray who sat on the porch of a family who had house rabbits until they came and got her.  

The three were quite the friendly, but have been here so long that they’ve begun to be less so. Still, they’re a delight to watch as they race and binkie around. Their friendliness will return full force when they get a forever home. They will make some family very happy.


DOB: December 10, 2013, Sex: Female, Breed: Mix, Index: 13-129


DOB: December 10, 2013, Sex:, Female, Breed: Mix, Index: 13-131


DOB: December 10, 2013, Sex: Male, Breed: Mix, Index: 13-126

Bunnies Of The Month: Malibu and Draven

Bunnies Of The Month: Malibu and Draven

Malibu and Draven are two of the gentlest, sweetest bunnies ever! 

Originally left to die in a cage in a field, they have been adopted twice—once by a family whose human mom became quite ill and once by a family whose human mom became overwhelmed by responsibilities beyond anyone’s ability to handle. 

Now, at the ages of eight, Malibu and Draco are looking for a loving home in which to spend the rest of their lives.


DOB: September 2008, Index: 17-006, Breed: Himalayan, Wt: 4.3 Lbs.


DOB: September 2008, Index: 17-007, Breed: Himalayan, Wt: 3.8 Lbs.