Britta and Barney

A family purchased a pair of same-sex rabbits from a breeder, only to discover that they had a male and a female.  Of course, breeders don’t warn people about males spraying when they reach puberty nor about any of the reasons it’s important to spay and neuter.

The breeder refused to take the two bunnies back and the people were utterly disgusted with the whole concept of rabbits.  Fearing that the female might already be in the early stages of pregnancy, and knowing that the two faced an uncertain future, we took them.  Fortunately, Britta wasn’t pregnant and now both have been altered so there is no chance of spraying or pregnancy.

They are a happy couple and looking for a loving forever home.

DOB: January 2015, Weight: 3.88 lbs. (8-27-2015)

DOB: January 2015, Weight: 3.00  lbs. (8-27-2015)