Bonnie and Echo

Bonnie came to us with her sister, from an animal shelter.  Bonnie has a splayed hind leg and foreleg on the same side of her body (this is a congenital defect).  Her sister began picking on her, causing her to leap to her shelf (yes, she can leap just fine, thank you!) to hide.  So we put her with Echo.  The two have a pen that gives them space for their splayed legs.

Echo came to us from a woman whose vets misdiagnosed him.  She was battling her second bout of cancer, and simply wasn’t able to give Echo the care he needed.  When we got him, we clipped away the mass of hair that was holding droppings and urine against him, and he’s had no trouble with them since.


DOB: October 2015, Weight: 3.5 lbs. (03-26-2016)


DOB: May 2015, Weight: 4.19 lbs. (03-26-2016)