Angel’s Mush (for diet-challenged bunnies)

This recipe is designed to provide fiber and nutrition for rabbits who may have difficulty eating due to dental or other medical problems. Although if a rabbit’s condition cannot be reversed, this diet will sustain the rabbit, it is not intended for Angel’s Mush to be fed to normal, healthy rabbits in place of their hay, pellets, and veggies.

1 cup of either oat or barley flour
4 cups timothy pellets (i.e. high-fiber)
5 cups water

Mix together the flour and pellets. Add the water and let the mixture stand an hour or so until the pellets have dissolved.

Then add:

1 –   8oz. can vanilla Ensure or Deliver 2.0 (or it’s equivalent)
1 – 28oz. or 32oz. can pumpkin (NOT pie mix)
1 – 12oz. can V-8 juice

Mix together, adding additional water if needed. We keep it fairly dry for bunns eating it on their own and fairly soft for syringe feeding. Store small amounts in baggies and freeze. Thaw as needed.