Allie and Mattie

Name: Allie                Mattie

DOB:  5/26/2017                         6/16/2017

Sex:     Female                             Female

Breed: Lop Mix                           Californian

Color: Satin grey                        White w brn points

Index: 17-039                              17-062

Both came from animal shelters when very young, and are “laid back” kind of gals, naps & watching life go by are on the menu.  Allie can be found climbing as high as she can for her nap while Mattie will watch from the litter box in a nest of hay.  Of course, when Mattie is around toys, watch out. You may get a head butt and your pants dug if you are in between her and the toys.

This pair will may an interesting addition to any bunny-loving family!