Advantages to Adopting from the Colorado House Rabbit Society

  • We help you determine whether rabbits are a good choice for your situation and help you avoid mistakes in bringing rabbits into your home.
  • We teach you how to care for your rabbits, how to identify symptoms requiring veterinary care before they become serious, and put you in contact with a good rabbit veterinarian in your area, since most veterinarians are not able to treat rabbits – rabbits being “exotics” from a medical point of view.
  • We are committed to helping you solve any problems which may ever come up as long as you have your rabbits. We offer a “911” service to our adopters in case you have an emergency when your vet isn’t available, or to help you determine if you need to see a veterinarian.
  • We have a greater variety of rabbits to choose from than you will find almost anywhere in the state.