A Veterinarian For Your Rabbit

If you’ve taken your rabbit to a veterinarian claiming to be able to treat rabbits, but doesn’t treat yours appropriately, you can file a complaint with the Board of Veterinary Medicine.

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From a medical point of view, rabbits are considered “exotics”. Only specially trained veterinarians are able to treat them correctly. Many cat and dog veterinarians have inadvertently killed rabbits while attempting treatment, so you must be very careful about whom you select for your rabbit’s medical care.

Veterinarians listed below with an asterisk beside their name are those with whom we have had positive experience, and can therefore recommend.

If you have a medical emergency involving a domestic rabbit, and can’t find a good rabbit vet, call the Colorado HRS 24-hour Health Line. Please – be sure to keep your line open so we can reach you!

Note: If you are unable to reach a human at the first number and left a message, but haven’t heard back within 5 minutes, call the second number. If no response in another 5 minutes, then call the third number. If all else fails, call the last number on the list.
Please, do not use the health line for sick or injured cottontails. Instead, call Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation at 303-823-8455 or take the cottontail to the nearest veterinarian.

We can recommend ONLY veterinarians listed with an asterisk.

We have NO experience with the others beyond their answers to our questionnaire, which covers only the most minimal aspects of treating rabbits.
CO-HRS cannot ensure that the veterinarians listed below without asterisks are indeed able to treat common ailments in rabbits.

A veterinarian listed at a particular clinic may have left that clinic. We can say nothing about any clinic, ONLY about specific veterinarians. Be sure to call any clinic to verify that a listed veterinarian is still AT that clinic. 

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