A Guide to Having Your Rabbit Safely Neutered

A Guide to Having Your Rabbit Safely Neutered

There are a wide variety of charges for a rabbit spay or neuter. Before deciding who to use,  find out what the differences are in the care your rabbit will get.  Specifically:

• Is a thorough “exotic exam” done? If not, is any kind of exam done?
• Is pre-anesthetic blood-work done?
• Is the anesthetic used injected, or is it a gas (which is much safer)?
• Is the rabbit intubated (a breathing tube placed)?
• Is a vet tech monitoring the rabbit’s vital signs throughout the surgery?
> What monitoring equipment is used?
      º Respiratory monitor?
      º Blood pressures?
      º Body temperature?
• Is an IV catheter and fluids used throughout the surgery?
• Are pain medications given either before or after the surgery?
• How is the skin closed?
> Will there be external sutures or staples which need to be removed?
• Is the rabbit kept overnight?
> If so, why? (i.e., will there be someone monitoring the rabbit throughout the night?)
• Is any pain medication sent home with the rabbit for use later that day or the next day?


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