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Slideshow of Stella's babies in 2009

Slideshow of Melody's babies in 2008
Watch Our 2006 Babies Grow!

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Animal Poison Control Center 1-888-426-4435

Spring Fling 2014 Pictures Posted!

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Allergic to your rabbits or their hay?
We now have three methods for allergy relief, all of which have proved helpful to various rabbit caretakers.
Be sure to check out the latest addition to our allergy arsenal!

Read the Legend - click below.
Legend of the Pink Eyed Rabbit

December Bunnies of The Month
Penny & James

Penny and James

Penny (Miss Bunnypenny) and James (James Bunn) were named after Miss Moneypenny and James Bond, but know the shorter version of their names. They came to us when their human mom became too ill to care for them.

Penny has a permanently tilted head, but it doesn't cause any problems. Both are friendly, lively, and easily held.

The Colorado House Rabbit Society is licensed by the National House Rabbit Society. We are a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization made up entirely of volunteers. There are no paid positions. Every penny of all donations goes to helping the rabbits. We have two purposes: rescue and education.

The Colorado House Rabbit Society offers affectionate, litter-trained, spayed or neutered rabbits for adoption. We also offer education about rabbits, through our extensive collection of on-line Articles, through books and DVDs found available for purchase on our on-line Gift Shop, such as our "Rabbit Packet", the "House Rabbit Handbook", and others - providing the best in up-to-date information on living with and caring for House Rabbits. Our free, fun, four-hour Tune-up Class is also available, teaching hands-on health and grooming information.

Denver - Boulder Contacts
Nancy LaRoche, Rachel Bellamy
Colorado Co-Chapter-Managers

P.O. Box 238
Broomfield, CO 80038

(303) 469-3240
or e-mail us at!
(Email for directions to our facilities, and include your starting location.)

This site is updated often! New additions are continually being made to the adoption page.

Please see the bunnies here.

Adoption Compliance
Remember! If you can't keep rabbits you have adopted from us, they must be returned. There is a $500 non-compliance fee if you fail to do this!

Visit Our Gift Shop!   Many New Items!  
Order on-line anytime
See these items and more in person at the Bunny Burrow gift shop, Sat. 10-2pm

(Other HRS chapters: contact us for profit-sharing proposals on clothing items.)

For Bunny  Jewelry and Hair Accessories 
Art and Decoration  Cards and Stationery 
Clothing - see our t-shirts! Kitchen Items 
Books  Misc. & Gift Certificates 

Visit our Loved and Missed section with tributes from our members. Send one of your own if you'd like.

We also offer a class to help people learn to handle their rabbits safely, to perform basic maintenance (clipping nails, cleaning scent pockets, etc.), and to catch problems before they become major. This class is free to anyone who has adopted a rabbit from any animal shelter. For dates when classes will be held and to schedule your place, go to Bunny Tune-Up Class.

House Rabbit Society is a non-profit rescue and education group. We welcome your feedback and very much appreciate your donations of any kind. Please join, volunteer, and/or donate today!

St Paws

St. Paws thrift store--All profits go to organizations
engaged in protecting, sheltering, and caring for
abandoned, neglected and abused animals.

Rescued Hearts Unique Boutique
A non-profit store funding animal
rescue and welfare groups and causes

Goodshop is a free and easy way to raise money for Colorado House Rabbit Society! They will donate up to 20% of every purchase you make at thousands of online stores like, Kohls and Michaels! Additionally, they offer exclusive deals for electronics at Best Buy,tools at Home Depot , and much more!

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